Amby Candle – Atlas Cedarwood


  • Scented with cedarwood essential oil
  • A warm, creamy and rich scent with slightly spicy woody touch
  • Grounding and calming
  • Clean-burning with no added colorants
  • Contains no paraffin, synthetic fragrance or other harmful ingredients
  • Hand-twisted, lead-free wick
  • Net. 120ml, Burning time ~30h

Cedarwood provides a rich and woody aroma. Its fragrance is extremely grounding, balancing, long-lasting, and it has an amazing velvety texture. It quiets a racing mind and regulates breath to help find stillness.

All our Amby candles are crafted by hand in Denmark. We use only 100% premium soy wax. Our wicks are natural, made of cotton and paper, with no lead, zinc, stabilizers, or dyes. They come in 120ml jars made of recycled and recyclable amber glass, that preserves the essential oils in them.

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